Christmas Balloon Decor in Naples


​Merry Christmas, everyone!  Every year we do balloon decor all over Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita, and all over Florida.  However, with Christmas in mind, these can't just be your standard balloon columns, balloon arches, and the like.  They need to have that special holiday feel.  Here are a couple of the designs we put up this year at events around Naples, Florida.

I mean, really, what says Santa is coming more than a 7 and half foot balloon nutcracker and a 7 foot snowman and candy cane?  

A 30 foot Christmas balloon arch complete with candy attached! This guy welcomed the group in Naples to a gingerbread house decorating event. It was up all week as well!
This guy was huge! (And he was a huge hit!) Over 7.5 feet tall, balloon column nutcracker.
Now this guy doesn't mind summer. (But he definitely likes to be inside then, especially in Naples.) A 7 foot balloon column snowman!
Guarding the entrance to Santa's Workshop!
Little known fact... Balloon Candy Canes are very low in calories. and in taste...
Yes, even balloon candy canes can come in pairs!
NYE Family Magic Show at the Sanctuary on Sanibel ...
Comedy Magic at Marco Island Marriott

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