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The Fabulous Fifties!


The Fabulous Fifties Balloon Decor in Naples, Florida!

So, we got to do some balloon decor in Naples at Grey Oaks Country Club for their Fabulous Fifties Party! It was for their Women’s Golf Invitational, but to do it right, sometimes you have to wind the clock back a little…

The creme de la creme was the balloon canopy over the ballroom that was over 150 total feet! Now the record in the middle, we have on good authority was Peggy Sue, only playable on an extremely large player.

Also, the Fabulous Fifties have to have a fabulous entrance. This 25 foot staggered arch seriously brought the music to the entrance. I’m starting to think this Rock n Roll is here to stay.

Now what says here’s where the Naples Ice Cream shop is like 6 foot Balloon Ice Cream Shakes. None of that Froyo, this is 50s, we need to keep it classic. Eat them quick, they’ll melt!

And since here at Evans Events we are all about quality control, we asked our 5 month old daughter, Juliette, for her quality control decision. She approved….

Face Painting at Artis Naples
Great Gatsby! It's New Year's balloon decor in Naples!

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