Super Sculptures

Champagne Balloon Arch Naples

What are Super Sculptures?

While obviously not for every event, these are massive works of balloon artistry htat have been featured at churches, corporations, cruise ships, colleges, and various places across the country and abroad.  They can range anywhere from 500 balloons to our recent rollercoaster that clocked in at over 3000 balloons!   From the life size biplane with a 28 foot wingspan to the roller coaster with over 100 feet of track, each one of these are designed from the ground up to be completely unique and one of a kind.

These are for large scale events when you seriously need that WOW factor or want to bring in some publicity.  They can take anywhere from 20 hours to over 100 hours to create.  Our recent World Record breaking Rollercoaster even has a virtual ride through!  Take a look below and see some of our recent Super Sculptures!

For more information or if you have an event that you have the space and think one of these would be fantastic, please give us a call!