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Meet and Greet with Santa


Balloon Decor at Meet and Greet with Santa at Grey Oaks in Naples

In addition to doing balloon decor and face painting at over a dozen events in Grey Oaks in Naples this December, they asked us to bring some balloon decor to help with the Meet and Greet brunch with Santa.

How to bring the feeling of Christmas through balloons to sunny Naples so that now only the kids will feel at home, but also St. Nick himself.

Immediately, we new we had to have a Gingerbread house. Finally a 7 foot gingerbread house that looks good enough to eat! (But don’t eat it, it’s mainly empty calories.

How else do you want to enter Santa’s room than by walking by 6 foot balloon column presents. Just so you know, the top one is for me… and the 2nd one… and the 3rd one… you get the point..

Finally a balloon entrance worthy of Santa!

Great Gatsby! It's New Year's balloon decor in Naples!
Thanksgiving Balloon Decor in Naples, Florida

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