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2016 Library Assembly - Go For The Gold

Library Assembly 2016 Florida

 Brand New 2016 Library Show

“Go For The Gold!”

Fresh off a packed 2015 summer library schedule, Evans Events’ Stage Right Live is back with an all new show for 2016! In co-ordination with the national summer reading theme, On Your Mark, Get Set… Read, this year’s program, Go For The Gold will keep the audience laughing and learning all the way through!

Join your hosts, Joey, Alexandra, and of course, Sydney, the live eclectus parrot as their journey starts on Mt. Olympus and takes the audience on an action packed thrill ride filled with award-winning magic, music, comedy, and hilarious audience participation. The show takes a look at everything from playground games to organized sports in a show all themed around fitness, health, and sports. As with every year, this show talks about books available in the library and encourages diving deeper into the shelves as these stories come to life on stage.

With performances everywhere from schools, to Corporations to Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, this show is not only geared towards children, but is designed for the entire family to keep everyone from parents to grandparents, laughing and smiling all the way through.

Our Award-winning show this year includes…

  • Promotional poster artwork to advertise the show – Let all your patrons know the when and where of this special event!
  • Professional backdrop, banners, and sound system – All you need is to add an audience and stir gently.
  • A FREE magic effect for each person – Last year’s effect, Mystic Straw was a hit and this year’s will be sure to be as well.
  • Meet and greet after the show – We love to pose for pictures with our parrot Sydney after the show as well as autograph the free magic effect.
  • Librarians’ Only Handout – We give a list of topics and books we will be talking about during the show so these can be readily available for showtime and beyond.
  • Experience – Performances for thousands of children and families each and every year means that you can rest assured your program is in great hands.

Bringing “Go For The Gold” to your library

We would love to bring our brand new program to your library. With recent budget cuts around the state for libraries, with the help of librarians, we try to keep our program as affordable as possible. The program fee is $295 complete with sound, backdrop, free magic effect, promotional artwork, and everything included. However, if you schedule two or more in the same day the fee drops to $250. The programs don’t have to be at the same location, simply coordinated with other libraries to be the same day to help save money.