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Balloon Decor for Hertz in Fort Myers


So Hertz officially opened their 45th location under their new business plan here in Fort Myers and we were there to provide balloon decor. They wanted something simple, yet elegant. You can’t go wrong with a 30 foot balloon arch and your name in 40 inch gold Mylar letters. This was right above the ribbon cutting area. To the side, we had a 6 foot column commemorating their 45th location. Inside throughout the Hertz desks in the airport we had 8 balloon centerpieces. Sadly with a delivery at 5:30 in the morning, we didn’t get pictures of those.

But hey, tell me this doesn’t make an entrance!!

Sanibel Harbor Marriott in Fort Myers - Balloons and Face Painting
Magic, Face Painting, and Balloons at Naples' Royal Scoop

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